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Beawre Automate Powers COMSA Corporación's Award-Winning Safety Breakthrough

We are thrilled to share that our esteemed partner, COMSA Corporación, has been distinguished with the Atlante Award for Preventive Measures Applied by Foment del Treball Nacional. This accolade is a testament to their commitment to enhancing occupational health and safety, focusing on the critical issue of heat exposure in the workplace.

Beawre played a pivotal role in this achievement by streamlining the alert system for heat-related risks. Beawre Automate enabled the seamless integration of project data with live meteorological updates from AEMET, ensuring timely and efficient communication of weather alerts.

Complementing these technical measures, COMSA Corporación has initiated awareness campaigns and distributed heat stroke monitoring bracelets to its workforce, reaffirming the company’s dedication and commitment to the well-being and safety of all our teams.

This partnership with COMSA Corporación allowed us to showcase our expertise in risk management automation, making a tangible difference in the daily lives of those who work under the sun's intense heat. By providing a sophisticated alert system, we’ve helped reinforce the safety measures that protect COMSA's outdoor workforce.

Moreover, Beawre's collaboration extends beyond technology. It encompasses the spirit of innovation that drives our mission to enhance workplace safety. As COMSA Corporación implements our solutions, they also pave the way for industry-wide changes, setting new standards for occupational risk prevention.

We celebrate this shared success and remain committed to advocating for the safety and well-being of every team member through our technological advancements.



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