Beawre's business is to revolutionize the way operational risks are managed in the industry. The complexity of large projects and weak digital strategy implementations make it unfeasible for human beings to effectively control the performance of complex processes. However, lean project management requires real-time risk control. Beawre provides a groundbreaking approach to control operational risks in any repetitive business process. We are here to stay and transform the way in which the industry anticipates risks and mitigates them to avoid budget overruns and delays.

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All your operations, implicitly or explicitly, are described through business processes. You use processes to generate, review and approve documentation, to manage contracts, to manage non-conformities and changes, basically anything. You have your digital tools to manage these processes... but how do you control risks over these processes in real-time over digitally inefficient ecosystems?

Very often your digital ecosystems lack advanced analytics capacity. In addition, different digital tools are usually not interoperable, preventing us from leveraging transversal analytics and gaining a better awareness of the status of operations. Controlling your business processes on top of inefficient digital environments just contributes to generating more delays and, thus, budget overruns.


Three are the main challenges we need to tackle: Complexity, Dynamism and Urgency. Complexity rises dramatically in large capital projects and understanding the actual status of operations goes beyond human capacity, because there are too many variables involved. Besides, changes in your projects are continuous. When you believe you have a clear picture of the status of your project, small changes may generate unexpected consequences. Finally, you need to react fast. Every minute you spend without making the right decision may have huge costs for your organization.


Beawre has created the first SaaS solution based on our unique algorithms and AI techniques for continuous risk control related to business processes. With our solution our customers can minimize reaction time and improve quality in decision-making processes in large capital projects, and improve awareness helping them understand and predict the level of risk and automating processes, reducing manual procedures. Thus, with Beawre's solution, your organization can reduce budget overruns and delays.



Every large construction project is different. Beawre understands this and thus brings solutions that are flexible and 100% configurable to adapt to the needs of each project.


Beawre's solution knows how painful some current processes are. We do not want to contribute to this pain. Our solutions are as non-intrusive as possible. We avoid forcing our customers to change processes and we implement mechanisms that are transparent to the user and still provide value.

Superhuman Intelligence

Complexity is an inherent aspect of any large contruction and engineering project. Even when you have the most experienced experts in your organization, controlling all the variables in a complex project goes beyond human capacity. This is why we bring 20+ years of experience in managing large amounts of data, using AI techniques, and managing risks to allow the latest advances in technology to complement the highly skilled members in your teams.


Our solutions do not replace your current digital tools. We provide flexible and fully-interoperable solutions that interact with your existing digital ecosystem to get the most out of it. We are experts in digital transformation and we know how long it takes to change culture, methodologies, processes and tools.


Combined Years of Experience


Start-up Awards



Innovation is essential for transformation. Beawre is one of the youngest companies with the largest number of H2020 Research Projects funded by the EU. We leverage a network built over a decade of research to partner with the leaders in IT industry and the best universities to push the current limits of technology in risk management.





Trusted by the EC as research leaders in two EU-funded H2020 projects.

Beawre is registered in the Spanish official registry of Innovative SMEs 

Beawre is certified as an innovative company by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) 




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