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Optimize Productivity & Workflow Control

Beawre is the easiest way to de-risk inefficiency via workflow automation and continuous risk control


Beawre’s solution brings enormous management capacities for the whole organization. We can definitely improve our reactivity, and thus reduce budget overruns.

Oriol Ribas, Country Manager, Ferrovial

Professionals across Construction and Energy sectors minimize risks and enhance productivity with Beawre

Beawre offers a secure SaaS platform that empowers you to digitize data, automate routine tasks, and control operational risks in real-time, all while seamlessly integrating with your existing tools and workflows. Our non-intrusive solution enhances operational efficiency, minimizes data fragmentation issues, and improves compatibility with your current digital toolset, without the need for replacement or major changes.

Go paperless from the beginning

Collect your data through easy-to-use interfaces on your mobile device.


Solve data fragmentation

Synchronize data with any other tools or data sources you may use


Automate workflows

Automate manual and repetitive tasks to focus on top gain activities


Avoid lack of interoperability

Connect existing digital tools without having to replace them


Identify risks on your workflows

We support you in identifying your risks over your processes


Leverage Deep AI in practice

Beawre predicts how workflows will evolve and assess risks automatically

Real-World Stories of Transformation


Office Work

Delivery notes automation

Undisclosed customer

July 2023, Spain

By extracting data automatically from delivery notes, we link it with orders and invoices and avoid inefficiencies and manual mistakes.


Documentation Risk Control

Ferrovial / Vinci

July 2019, France

Avoiding the risk of late document approval through predictive risk control over multi-actor processes, to avoid delays and budget overruns.

Incidence Management.jpg

Inspection & NCR management

Undisclosed customer

July 2023, Spain

Beawre aids in customizing inspection forms, managing non-conformities, and assessing risks throughout the resolution process.

Mixto Listo.jpg

Materials logistics

Progreso / Mixto Listo


Freeing supervisors' time, allowing concrete truck drivers to enter trips' data via mobile devices and aggregating  & computing bonuses automatically

December 2022, Guatemala


ROBERTO CASTAÑO  001_edited.jpg

What sets Beawre automation capabilities apart from other automation tools is its superior integration with the tools and protocols commonly employed in the construction industry. Rather than us having to adjust to Beawre's tools, they are effortlessly incorporated into our digital ecosystem.

Roberto Castaño, Chief of Prevention, Quality, and Environmental Area, COMSA


Do you want to know more?

Financiado por el CDTI. Beawre project funded through Neotec program.

Project funded through NextGenerationEU funds

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