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BuildTracer: Streamline Material Reception & Ensure Traceability



Beawre's BuildTracer allows you to control material reception. Go paperless. Automate lab results management. Save time on-site and avoid wasting your time typing or manually changing digital formats. BuildTracer integrates your data automatically and eliminates manual data input, fostering efficient collaboration among disciplines, allowing you to use your time for top-gain activities and avoiding rework caused by manual mistakes.

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Go paperless from the beginning

Collect your data through easy-to-use interfaces on your mobile device.


Make inspections natural

Enter text, choose among predefined options, or take pictures.


Trace the actual usage of materials

Match materials with their corresponding elements in the drawing.

Automate lab results management

Automate lab results management in compliance with regulations


Flexible content and formats

We do not force standard processes, create your own workflows


Interconnect your digital tools

Synchronize data with any other tools or data sources you may use


Predominantly paper-based processes for material receipt and management lead to manual, repetitive tasks.


Concrete testing and other quality controls lack a digitized system, hampering traceability and consuming time.

Relying on paper and basic spreadsheet tools for on-site activities and quality data management hinders automation.


What sets Beawre automation capabilities apart from other automation tools is its superior integration with the tools and protocols commonly employed in the construction industry. Rather than us having to adjust to Beawre's tools, they are effortlessly incorporated into our digital ecosystem.

Roberto Castaño, Chief of Prevention, Quality, and Environmental Area, COMSA

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Trace the actual usage of materials

Mark where concrete or other materials are going to be used. Locate the use of materials to improve traceability and avoid unnecessary and costly rework,  increase the quality of your data and speed up processes.

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Automate lab results management

BuildTracer processes lab results received via email by automatically downloading attached PDFs. It categorizes them based on the material and test type, seamlessly extracts pertinent data, and automatically inputs this information into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in your preferred format. Additionally, it automatically organizes results according to regulations and compiles these grouped results into a spreadsheet as well.

Go paperless

Signing delivery notes on paper when you receive material on-site and having to manually enter this data later on in a digital format is time-consuming and avoidable, Collect your data through easy-to-use interfaces on your mobile device.


Flexible content and formats adapted to your needs and workflows

We provide a flexible form-based app where fields can be configured and adapted to your specific needs. Enter text, choose among predefined options, or take pictures to facilitate inspections.

Interconnect your digital tools

Beawre solves data fragmentation and lack of interoperability issues among your digital tools. We connect not interoperable tools. Combine Beawre Collect with Automate to Inject progress information in your program management system, add QR codes to your documentation, etc. Cross data in general among heterogeneous and non-connected data sources through Beawre Collect and Automate,



Our solution can interoperate with pretty much everything. Our solution connects to the existing digital tools and communication channels, including program management tools, documentation management tools, spreadsheets in shared repositories, or even unstructured data in your e-mails. Our solution uses the notion of evidence collectors, that gather data to understand workflows evolution. We adapt these connectors to your needs. Let us know what you need!

Some of the tools we are interoperable with today are:


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