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Streamline Your Construction Finance 

Seamless Integration. Enhanced Efficiency. Elevated Productivity.



Beawre Finance is designed to address the unique challenges faced by construction professionals in managing complex financial workflows. By integrating budget tracking, order management, delivery notes, and invoice processing into a single streamlined solution, we help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Automate order creation

Automate the creation of orders from your master budget.



Ensure financial accuracy. Compare invoices with unit costs and delivery notes.


Digital Delivery Note Management

Extract information automatically from hand-written documents.


Unified Data Integration

Seamlessly Connect All Financial Data from third-party tools

Update your budget with new contracts

Automatically update your master contract when new contracts are signed.



Track materials in real time during operations, directly from delivery notes


Navigating fragmented financial systems can lead to significant inefficiencies, errors, and compliance risks, complicating the management of critical financial documents and undermining effective project and financial control.


Integrated Budget Monitoring

Beawre Finance not only seamlessly connects to your budgeting tools but also dramatically reduces the hours that project and operations directors and their teams spend on budget management. By streamlining the item selection process and automating order creation, it frees up valuable time and reduces errors.


Synchronized Ordering System

With every new contract, Beawre dives in to extract financial data and promptly updates the project budget. This ensures project directors always have a real-time view of their financial obligations without the exhaustive manual checks.


Effortless Delivery Note Handling

Whether they're handwritten or digital, our AI solution rapidly processes delivery notes, identifying critical financial data and integrating it directly into the main budgeting tool. This robust automation not only reduces human errors but also drastically cuts down the hours project directors, operations directors, and their teams spend on data entry. Moreover, Beawre Finance is allows for controlling actual stock in each project, meticulously extracting details from delivery notes and allowing users to easily search or query across this consolidated data.

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Optimized Invoice Verification

No longer do project directors and their teams need to wade through an endless stream of invoices manually. Our AI solution cross-references invoices with orders and delivery notes, swiftly identifying inconsistencies. This makes the reconciliation process quicker, more efficient, and significantly less cumbersome.

Interconnect your digital tools

Our solution can interoperate with pretty much everything. Our solution connects to the existing digital tools and communication channels, including program management tools, documentation management tools, spreadsheets in shared repositories, or even unstructured data in your e-mails. Our solution uses the notion of evidence collectors, that gather data to understand workflows evolution. We adapt these connectors to your needs. Let us know what you need!

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