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Instantly feed your workflows with the right data


I've found the Beawre app to be truly outstanding. It's really great for simplifying operations.

Eduardo Revolorio, Concrete truck driver, Mixto Listo

Optimizing Operations with Beawre

Mixto Listo (Progreso Group) demonstrates the transformative power of technology. By leveraging Beawre Collect and Beawre Automate, Mixto Listo not only simplified its complex operations but also significantly boosted its productivity. The result? Seamless workflows and enhanced safety measures, ensuring that every operation is carried out efficiently and securely. Watch and discover how Beawre drives progress for businesses.



Beawre Collect allows you to build cloud and mobile form-based apps to efficiently collect data. Go paperless. Save time on-site and avoid wasting your time manually changing digital formats for different purposes and departments. Beawre Collect integrates your data automatically and eliminate manual data input, fostering efficient collaboration among disciplines, allowing you to use your time for top-gain activities and avoiding rework caused by manual mistakes.

Mobile app and cloud.png

Go paperless from the beginning

Collect your data through easy-to-use interfaces on your mobile device.


Control validity and progress

Enforce control and quality leveraging QR codes on site.


Flexible content and formats

We do not force standard processes, create your own workflows


Make inspections natural

Enter text, choose among predefined options, or take pictures.


Interconnect your digital tools

Synchronize data with any other tools or data sources you may use


Geolocate your data

Geoposition your activities to increase quality and speed.

Go paperless

Signing delivery notes on paper when you receive material on-site and having to manually enter this data later on in a digital format is time-consuming and avoidable, Collect your data through easy-to-use interfaces on your mobile device.


Flexible content and formats adapted to your needs and workflows

We provide a flexible form-based app where fields can be configured and adapted to your specific needs. Enter text, choose among predefined options, or take pictures to facilitate inspections.


Jane, Site Manager


  • I save time. I do not need to spend extra hours moving data from paper to digital formats.

  • I can go paperless.

  • I can report progress much faster and avoid time coordinating with my colleagues and central departments.

  • Data is more accessible in just one click.

Locate your data against plans, BIM or geo.

Geolocate where inspections are done, mark where concrete is going to be used. Locate your activities to increase the quality of your data and speed up processes.

Mobile app and cloud.png

Enforce control and quality leveraging QR Codes on site

Read QR codes and enter the progress of construction tasks on site. Read QR codes in documentation to know if you are using the most recent version of a document. 

Interconnect your digital tools

Beawre solves data fragmentation and lack of interoperability issues among your digital tools. We connect not interoperable tools. Combine Beawre Collect with Automate to Inject progress information in your program management system, add QR codes to your documentation, etc. Cross data in general among heterogeneous and non-connected data sources through Beawre Collect and Automate,


Go paperless


Our solution can interoperate with pretty much everything. Our solution connects to the existing digital tools and communication channels, including program management tools, documentation management tools, spreadsheets in shared repositories, or even unstructured data in your e-mails. Our solution uses the notion of evidence collectors, that gather data to understand workflows evolution. We adapt these connectors to your needs. Let us know what you need!

Some of the tools we are interoperable with today are:



Integrates with third-party tools including project management tools, documentation tools, etc, through e-mails or APIs.


Adapted to your processes and requirements. Our solution is reconfigurable if processes or requirements change, ensuring continuity and longevity.


Offered as Software-as-a-Service, thus new improvements and features are added continuously, in a transparent way.


Used the most innovative technology for risk management and prediction, collaborating with the research community to leverage the best ideas.

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