Beawre provides solutions for continuous operational risk management. Our prime focus is to ease the risk management in highly volatile, regulated environments and provide the means to assess, optimize and monitor status of the risks in real-time fashion by leveraging non-intrusive methods of collecting influential data. Beawre’s priority domains include the construction of critical facilities, or transportation (both in-land and aviation). 


The construction sector and many other highly regulated sectors will be remastered for a digital world. Competitive differentiation is increasingly determined by the ability of traditional sectors to embrace software-driven business models. Over the next years, Big Data and analytics will radically transform both the process of construction and the business of construction contracting. A key factor for the future will be excellence in risk control. Those companies being able to predict the future and control the level of risk in real time will outperform their competitors and grow their businesses. 


Beawre misson it to revitalize operational risks management. We recognize the main challenges in industry: complexity, dynamism and urgency. Through our real-time risk control solutions, we help our customers to adopt leaner approaches to project management, to reduce negative impact to their assets. Beawre provides groundbreaking approaches to transform the way in which industry anticipates risks and mitigates them to avoid budget overruns and delays.




Beawre’s team accumulates more than 30 years of experience developing innovative technology for risk management in different contexts. 


Beawre is a digital and innovative start-up founded in 2019 by two ex-employees of CA Technologies, Victor and Jacek. At CA, Victor led the worldwide research division. Jacek was the main software architect in the CA Strategic Research team. There, the Beawre team accumulated a breadth of knowledge to create innovative solutions for the automation of continuous risk management processes.


We signed our first contract in July 2019 with leaders in the construction market such as Vinci Construction Grands Projets S.A.S. (France), Ferrovial Agroman SA (Spain) or Razel-Bec S.A.S. (France), among others.