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Automate to work smarter, not harder

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What sets Beawre automation capabilities apart from other automation tools is its superior integration with the tools and protocols commonly employed in the construction industry. Rather than us having to adjust to Beawre's tools, they are effortlessly incorporated into our digital ecosystem.

Roberto Castaño, Chief of Prevention, Quality, and Environmental Area, COMSA


Sectors like construction and energy often execute repetitive workflows, such as managing documentation, analyzing lab results for material quality, and processing waste reports. While essential, many teams spend up to 50% of their time on these manual tasks across various departments. Recognizing the inefficiency, we've enhanced our automation tools by integrating state-of-the-art AI, including generative AI. This makes automation smarter and more adaptive, specifically tailored to the nuances of industries like construction. With our AI-backed solutions, teams can now focus on more strategic activities, confidently leaving routine tasks to advanced automation.


Digitize any workflow

Create your repository of business processes using BPMN v2.0


Link to any third-party tools

Synchronize data with any other tools or data sources you may use


Automate workflows

Automate manual and repetitiive tasks to focus on top gain activities


Solve data fragmentation

Connect your progress data, programs,

documents, etc. 

Detect those parts of your workflows that can be fully automated

Make your workflows explicit and analyze those activities that are time consuming and do not require human intelligence.


Enable ad-hoc automated actions for your organization 

Beawre Automate can automate both activities using common tools in the market like Office 365, as well as  sector-specific tools (BIM tools, Autodesk, etc) and even ad-hoc tools. We connect to your digital ecosystem.


Beawre's solution transformed our transportation management by automating processes that for years had been done manually and reducing errors. The result is greater efficiency and satisfaction in our operations at Mixto Listo.

Mariela Reyna, Optimization Coordinator, Mixto Listo (Grupo Progreso)

Automating Operations with Beawre

Beawre's advanced automation tools have been a game-changer for Mixto Listo (Progreso Group). By seamlessly integrating Beawre Collect and Beawre Automate, we've successfully automated the manual and repetitive tasks previously handled by supervisors, especially in calculating drivers' bonuses. This not only ramped up productivity but also strengthened safety standards. Dive in to see how Beawre harnesses automation to streamline business processes and elevate operational precision.

Reduce delays and budget overruns


Beawre Automate helps you automate your workflows, optimizing the use of the time by your team by around 50%. With our solution, your team can avoid using from 3 to 5 hours per day to execute repetitive and low-added-value activities that can be automated. This way they can focus on top-gain activities that require the human brain, making it possible to offer better quality management, avoid rework caused by human mistakes and lack of resources, and ultimately avoid delays and budget overruns.


Our solution can interoperate with pretty much everything. Our solution connects to the existing digital tools and communication channels, including program management tools, documentation management tools, spreadsheets in shared repositories, or even unstructured data in your e-mails. Our solution uses the notion of evidence collectors, that gather data to understand workflows evolution. We adapt these connectors to your needs. Let us know what you need!

Some of the tools we are interoperable with today are:


With Beawre's AI-powered technology, our enterprise Constraula considerably improves the carbon footprint calculation process: manual calculations have been reduced by more than 90% and our processes can now be monitored in real time. The precision of the method implies reliable calculation results that will be reflected in emission reduction plans in line with reality. 

Francisco Moral

Deputy director of Quality, Prevention and Environment at Sorigué

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