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Share knowledge across your organization


Beawre Learn helps your organization understand business processes and workflows in a transparent way, analyze potential risks on top of them and share knowledge so that other projects and departments can reuse it. With Beawre Learn you make the first steps to enable lean project management, setting the ground for continuous improvement through workflow transparency and mechanisms to measure efficiency over those workflows. Enable effective lessons learned mechanisms across your organization.


Digitize any workflow

Create your repository of business processes using BPMN v2.0


Identify risks on your workflows

We support you in identifying your risks over your processes


Start using it for free

Use our freemium version to start creating your first workflows

Support quality standards

Support compliance with quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015

Capture your workflows using  BPMN v2.0 standard

Our workflow editor allows you to create BPMN-compliant workflows in a matter of minutes. Define processes at different levels of abstraction and connect them.


Analyze your workflows to optimize them

Enable sophisticated mechanisms to explore and understand defined workflows. Automatically detect similar activities and patterns.

Identify risks on top of your workflows

Use Beawre Learn to identify risks over workflows. Prepare the path to control those risks in real-time during operations and share these analyses with your peers in other projects and departments. Use Beawre Control to start controlling risks in real time.


Create a corporate repository to share workflows across projects and disciplines

Create a standardized repository of workflows and risks identified on those for your peers to reuse. Share workflows and risk identification knowledge base. Classify your workflows according to their compliance with standards such as FIDIC..Enforce and reuse best practices in your organization.

Enable Lean Project Management

Lean project management encourages transparency and the optimization of all processes. Lean thinking encourages practitioners to look for and remove inefficiencies or waste, in the form of effort or resource utilization that does not create value. Standardization of workflows is essential to boost effective project management transformation. However, standardization across projects is not straightforward, especially in large civil engineering projects, because of the different specific requirements of each single project.


Organizations try to reuse learnings across projects and departments to enable effective lessons learned mechanisms. However, they lack mechanisms to share knowledge about workflows used and relevant information about their performance and risks, which is quite difficult to capture through the typical corporate knowledge bases.



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