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Mixto Listo (Grupo Progreso)

November 7, 2023




The construction industry faces a multitude of challenges, among which efficiency and safety in material delivery processes take precedence. Mixto Listo, a key player in this industry, was grappling with the critical task of enhancing the efficiency and safety of its concrete and mortar delivery processes. The goal was not only to streamline these operations but also to ensure the welfare of the workforce handling these deliveries. The existing system was marred by manual data entries leading to potential inaccuracies, delayed processes, and an outdated method for calculating and distributing driver bonuses, which affected  overall performance.

In particular, Mixto Listo faced significant operational inefficiencies, with  supervisors dedicating half of their work hours to manual, repetitive tasks such as data entry and bonus calculations. This time-consuming process detracted from their critical roles in supervising plant operations and ensuring the safety of their teams, which are pivotal to the success and sustainability of the construction industry.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Beawre stepped in with its innovative technology, implementing a dual approach with Beawre Collect and Beawre Automate to address Mixto Listo's challenges. Beawre Collect revolutionized the data collection method by allowing drivers to input trip details via mobile devices, ensuring real-time data accuracy. This seamless data integration into Beawre's digital platform eradicated previous inconsistencies and paved the way for a more reliable data ecosystem.

Complementing this, Beawre Automate brought a transformative change to the bonus calculation process. By setting up an automated system, Mixto Listo could now calculate bonuses with precision, based on the drivers' performance data. This automation not only significantly reduced administrative workload but also introduced a new level of transparency  and fairness in the reward system.

Beawre's solution transformed our transportation management by automating processes that for years had been done manually and reducing errors. The result is greater efficiency and satisfaction in our operations at Mixto Listo.

Mariela Reyna

Optimization Coordinator, Mixto Listo


The partnership with Beawre brought a multitude of advantages to Mixto Listo, notably transforming their delivery processes. A significant outcome was the remarkable boost in efficiency, characterized by a significant reduction in the time supervisors spent on administrative tasks. This liberation from mundane duties allowed for real-time data access, accelerating and refining decision-making, thereby streamlining operations. The efficiency gains weren't confined to time savings alone but also encompassed cost reductions, as the enhanced process minimized errors and the need for subsequent corrections.

Furthermore, these efficiency improvements from the digital transformation had extended impacts. With supervisors now more available on the floor, they could swiftly tackle emerging issues, fostering a proactive stance in safety and operations management. This strategic shift in human resource allocation culminated in a more involved and motivated workforce, thriving in a safer, more agile, and efficient environment.

In the bigger picture, the integration of Beawre's solutions fostered a culture of innovation within Mixto Listo. It highlighted the potential of technology in revolutionizing traditional industries and opened up new avenues for continuous improvement and growth. The success story of Mixto Listo and Beawre stands as a testament to the power of technological advancement in addressing age-old industry challenges.

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