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Victor Muntés-Mulero

Beawre Co-Founder and CEO

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My Story

I am the Co-founder and CEO at Beawre. I passionately work to transform the construction sector, enabling continuous risk control in a non-intrusive way. 


I have more than 80 peer-reviewed research publications in the computer field which accumulate around 2000 citations, as well as more than 20 granted patents. I have authored a book, as well as several book chapters. Besides, I led the participation of organizations in 13 research projects.

Before Beawre, I was vice president of research at a multibillion-dollar technology company, leading the Strategic Research team, worldwide. I was responsible for leading research that had the potential to impact the strategic direction of products and services, mostly related to continuous risk management and AI. I also supported the creation of a corporate accelerator. In 2016, I got an annual company recognition that distinguished me among 12,000 employees, thanks to my leadership in building a global research and technology transfer strategy. I also won 3 times the Corporate Patent Innovation Program IQ Award for the best-patented idea worldwide in the company. 


Prior to this experience, I was an associate professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), where I performed research related to managing very large data volumes (Ph.D. thesis funded by the Center of Advanced Studies at IBM) and graph databases. I co-founded Sparsity Technologies SL, a spin-off started at UPC in 2010, which was later on recognized in 2015 as the small company with the highest innovation potential in Europe.

Apart from my regular lecturing at UPC, I was named Honorary Professor at Universidad of San Martín de Porres (Lima, Perú) in August 2015 and I have also taught master courses related to relational database management systems and data stream processing and mining. 


Among former civic responsibilities, I served as Chairman of the Catalan (Boy&Girl) Scouts and President of the Josep Carol Scout Foundation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+34 647 471 814

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