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Beawre Solutions published in Procore's App Marketplace

Beawre’s solution is now available at Procore’s app marketplace. In October 2021, Beawre signed a partnership agreement with Procore to kick off a collaboration to integrate Beawre's solution in their marketplace to enrich Procore's platform by providing real-time workflow and risk management. Our solutions are now fully integrated with Procore's platform since June 2022.

With this strategic partnership both Procore and Beawre will work to generate synergies to enable smarter workflow control and continuous and real-time risk management during operations.

Beawre's capacity to connect to third-party tools in our customers’ digital ecosystem helps them tackle challenges related to data fragmentation and lack of interoperability, and this becomes a very relevant differentiator compared to our competitors.

Besides, we offer a pay-per-use pricing model based on the number of workflows used which eases adoption. The first step towards controlling risks over workflows is to effectively collect data and automate repetitive actions to remove human factors as much as possible.

Procore's software platform creates a central collaboration hub for owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other project collaborators across the entire project lifecycle. Their 2022 Procore Customer ROI Report shows that their average customer can take on 48% more construction volume per person than previous means.



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