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Can you control risks over processes in real-time? Watch our new video!

What digital tools do you use to control your projects and business processes? Can you control risks over the processes in real-time?

At Beawre, we have created a unique solution to control operational risks in any repetitive business process. A ground-breaking approach that monitors your ecosystem and uses AI techniques to recalculate risks and predict the impact on your business.

Our goal is to help you avoid budget overruns and construction delays by tackling 3 common challenges: Complexity, Dynamism and Urgency. We simplify complexity, minimize reaction time and help you understand all the continuous changes involved in each process.

We are the first and only company in the market that monitors processes involving different digital tools and mitigates actions automatically. Innovative, cloud-based, non-intrusive, fully interoperable and 100% configurable!

Having emerged as one of the top 10 winners of the most challenging startup competition in the construction sector, many market leaders choose us.

Interested? Contact us today to learn more about our solution.



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