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Procore partners with Beawre to simplify risk management

In October 2021, Beawre signed a partnership agreement with Procore to kick off a collaboration to integrate Beawre's solution in their marketplace to enrich Procore's platform by providing real-time risk management.

Beawre's team had the chance to meet several construction and building companies at Digital Construction Week. One of these great meetings took place in our stand with Tony Harbour, Partnerships Business Development Manager from Procore, who gently accepted our proposal to share insights about how data management and artificial intelligence can make a relevant change on construction sector.

Tony Harbour shared why current risk management tools are "difficult to use and scaring for users", and why a solution like Beawre's can simplify the management process experience.

He also stated how predictive capabilities are a way to "make informed decisions based on the high amount of data" a construction project generates, as well as how "diving deep into all the data and leveraging the data collection on AI, would be a massive benefit" for all the companies in the sector.

Beawre works now with Procore's Solution Architects to prepare a smooth integration of their technology. Beawre's solution is expected to be available in Procore's marketplace around spring.



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