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Investigate software solutions to assist operators of critical infrastructures to enhance the cyber-resilience.

Improving the critical infrastructure (CI) capacities in preparedness, detection and response phases requires the attention to the human factor as well as the collaboration of heterogeneous organisations involved in the CI development and operation, ensuring a continuum of care, just as it is done for other ICT systems with the adoption of SecDevOps approaches. DYNABIC Consortium believes that the adoption of defensive AI and novel approaches to continuous business risk management based on enhanced SecDevOps can drastically improve critical services resilience. Furthermore, AI-based self-healing and autonomous response automation can greatly help to achieve fast and efficient recovery and enable the provision of fully resilient critical services to European citizens. Beawre is thrilled to contribute our knowledge in continuous risk management over business processes to this cutting-edge project.

The strategic objective of DYNABIC is to increase the resilience and business continuity capabilities of European critical services in the face of advanced cyber-physical threats. This objective will be pursued by delivering new socio-technical methods, models and tools to support resilience through holistic business continuity risk management and control in operation, and dynamic adaptation of responses at a system, human and organization planes

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