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FootprintS project automated carbon footprint calculations for construction materials using AI, monitoring and reducing CO2 emissions

FootprintS project (Footprint Scan), has represented a significant achievement in the development of an artificial intelligence tool that automatically extracts information from invoices to calculate the carbon footprint of materials listed.
This project has been instrumental in assisting Constraula/Sorigué in monitoring and ultimately reducing their CO2 emissions by a cumulative 5% over five years, starting from 2022. The key challenge tackled in this project lies in the diverse and unique structures of invoices, with varying material descriptions, demanding a solution capable of interpreting these references effectively.

The FootprintS project has made notable strides in both environmental impact and efficiency. Automating carbon footprint calculations for construction materials significantly aids environmental sustainability and aligns with global climate change efforts.

This project has received support from ACCIO, contributing to its successful development.

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