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GreenPlan optimized construction material logistics using AI, reducing carbon footprint by minimizing deliveries. The result was improved efficiency and significant environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions.

GreenPlan is a pioneering project that revolutionizes the planning of construction material production and delivery. At its core is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to optimize these processes and reduce carbon emissions by minimizing deliveries and vehicle use.

GreenPlan is not just about enhancing efficiency; it's about reducing the environmental impact of construction processes. Through the use of advanced AI, Digital Twins, and weather data integration, the project significantly contributes to carbon emissions reduction and the optimization of construction material logistics.

The project was conceived and carried out in collaboration with Celsa Group, the leading European producer of low-emission circular steel, and it forms the largest circular supply chain in Europe.

GreenPlan has received support from ACCIO - Generalitat de Catalunya, contributing to its successful development

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