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COMSA Corporación

November 9, 2023

Barcelona, Spain



Background of COMSA Corporation

COMSA Corporation, a global player in infrastructure and services with over 130 years of experience, has continually evolved in the dynamic construction sector. With operations in multiple countries and a workforce exceeding 5,000, COMSA faced unique challenges in managing occupational risks, particularly in diverse geographical locations. One significant hurdle was addressing the risks associated with exposure to extreme temperatures across its 125+ outdoor work centers.

The Rising Need for Innovative Risk Management

The company's operations in Spain were particularly affected by the stringent legal requirements for occupational safety. Laws like Spain's Law 31/1995 on Occupational Risk Prevention and the Royal Decree 486/1997, recently updated in 2023 to address outdoor work conditions, necessitated a more sophisticated approach to risk management. The varied nature of their projects, ranging from linear infrastructure works to maintenance of electrical and telecommunication installations, added to the complexity of implementing effective preventive measures.


Introduction of Beawre Automate

To meet these challenges, Beawre, a leader in digital risk management solutions, collaborated with COMSA Corporation. Beawre introduced its innovative platform, Beawre Automate, part of an AI-powered SaaS non-/low-code platform, transforming the way COMSA approached risk management. This tool enabled the digitization and automation of tasks previously done manually, focusing particularly on meteorological risk management.

Capabilities and Implementation

Beawre Automate offered seamless integration with COMSA's systems. The platform's implementation allowed for efficient tracking and communication of weather-related risks, ensuring that personnel on the ground were timely informed and could take proactive safety measures.

Implementation in COMSA Corporation

Beawre Automate was deployed to transform COMSA's process of monitoring and communicating weather-related risks:

  • Automated Data Collection and Analysis: The system automated the gathering and analysis of data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), ensuring accurate and timely weather information.

  • Customized Weather Alerts: It enabled the generation of personalized weather alerts for each project and location, ensuring that site managers and risk prevention technicians received relevant and updated information for decision-making.

  • Practical System Configuration: Beawre Automate linked COMSA's construction sites with AEMET's weather alert zones, automating queries to the AEMET website every two hours to obtain updated alert data. This information was then cross-referenced with project details to generate customized weather alerts, which were sent directly to the relevant personnel.

What sets Beawre automation capabilities apart from other automation tools is its superior integration with the tools and protocols commonly employed in the construction industry. Rather than us having to adjust to Beawre's tools, they are effortlessly incorporated into our digital ecosystem.

Roberto Castaño

Chief of Prevention, Quality, and Environmental Area


Efficiency and Safety Improvements

The adoption of Beawre Automate marked a significant improvement in COMSA's risk management:

  • Customized Alerts: Targeted alerts led to the elimination of irrelevant notifications, directly benefiting approximately 300 users.

  • Time Efficiency: The automation process saved around 150 hours of manual labor per week, thereby increasing operational efficiency and improving employee work conditions.

  • Agility in Response: With real-time data updates, COMSA was able to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions, enhancing the overall responsiveness of their safety measures.

External Recognition

COMSA's efforts were externally recognized when they received an award at the XI Atlante Awards for their innovative approach to occupational risk prevention. This accolade not only highlighted the success of Beawre Automate's integration but also demonstrated COMSA's commitment to the well-being and safety of its workforce.

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