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Control subcontractors, efficiently coordinate with your client

See clearly if there is a risk of a subcontractor delivering documents late or if your customer is taking too long to approve documents using historical data.

Predict documents to be received and submitted in next weeks

How many documents will I receive from subcontractors in the following weeks/months? How many of them will I need to report to my client for approval? In a single mouse click, get a schedule of upcoming documents with indication of documents at risk. 

Prioritize work based on the level of risk and focus on relevant tasks

What are the most risky documents I should be focusing on? Our algorithms automatically calculate the level of risk per document and show it in the documentation schedule.

Connect your project schedule with your documentation

Using different tools to manage your project schedule and your documentation schedule? Connect tools through our portal and have global control of the impact of changes in the documentation schedule or the consequences of delays in any document. 

Build the documentation schedule collaboratively with subcontractors

Replace difficult-to-trace e-mail conversations and multiple spreadsheet versions with our collaborative options to help your subcontractor build their documentation schedules with you.

Leverage AI to enable smart analytics and prediction

Learn from your past activity and data and be better prepared for decision making. Use information to keep your subcontractors accountable. Leverage machine learning techniques to predict the future, anticipate unwanted situations and mitigate risks and potential negative impact.

Get automatic alerts to help you mitigate risks as soon as possible

Receive automated alerts in the form of messages or e-mails under defined circumstances where documentation preparation may jeopardize project execution. Decide whether you want to receive them daily or in weekly summaries.

Enable compliance reporting

Compliance (template-based) reporting to share relevant information with your clients and subcontractors, or auditors.




Our solution licenses include customer support services. Contact us to know more about our solution and services.



Our solution integrates with third-party tools including project management tools, documentation tools, etc, through e-mails or APIs.


We adapt to your processes and requirements. Our solution is reconfigurable if processes or requirements change, ensuring continuity and longevity.


Our solution is offered as Software-as-a-Service, thus new improvements and features are added continuously, in a transparent way.


We use the most innovative technology for risk management and prediction, collaborating with the research community to leverage the best ideas.


Our Software-as-a-Service solution license includes our customer support to help you get the most out of our services. We have a team of seasoned professionals that will support your activity and work in collaboration with your organization to generate a working solution for the control of construction documentation risk successfully.


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