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Beawre selected in the Top 50 ConTech Startups of 2020

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s Corporate Venture Capital and Open Innovation unit, today announced that Beawre is in its TOP50 ConTech Startups list, which includes the 50 most promising new solutions from the 2020 construction ecosystem and the cities of the future. Beawre has been selected as a top startup to help the construction sector to improve project productivity.

CEMEX Ventures selects the TOP50 ConTech Startups with the projects it receives in its annual challenge for entrepreneurs in the industry, Construction Startup Competition, added to the flow of new solutions that it shares with its strategic network of investors and companies working in innovation and investment in construction, as well as with the collection of multiple startups that contact them directly through events, social networks or its website.

The 2019 list has numerous solutions that, during 2020, obtained relevant investment rounds, bringing this industry closer to a more technological, digitized, and less fragmented environment. Also, some of the solutions from the 2019 selection participated and triumphed in the largest challenge for entrepreneurs in the industry, Construction Startup Competition 2020.

The investment ecosystem in construction startups gets traction and closes the year 2020 surpassing US$1.3 billion of investment in startups. The previous record dates from 2018 with more than US$1.8 billion invested. Also, it is the fourth consecutive year in which the number of financing rounds exceeds 100.

Through EU H2020 projects ENACT and PDP4E, Beawre has developed part of their core technology, allowing us to get our first pilots with large construction projects and further visibility and credibility in front of a global audience.

For more information on the 2020 TOP50 Construction Technology Startups list, please visit:



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