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How AI will mitigate risks produced by lack of data control in your construction project

Do you know most construction projects suffer from budget overruns and delays?

Construction projects are like an iceberg where you can only see the visible portion of physical onsite construction.

However, this tip of the iceberg is often riddled with complexities and uncertainties, making it difficult to properly manage your project’s non-physical assets, which can range from project schedule, documentation, permissions, contracts, or quality procedures.

Take Javi, Sharon, and Patrick, for example.

Javi is struggling with the processes to review and approve documents and obtain permissions to execute a construction task. He does not have enough execution control to decide priorities for daily work and predict project workloads.

Sharon also lacks data control over the evolution of these business processes, which often leaves her making wrong assumptions when scheduling project tasks, resulting in missed opportunities.

Patrick is finding it hard to negotiate with subcontractors and clients because he does not have evidence to know what caused delays.

These issues also keep them from making accurate anticipations as data fragmentation and lack of interoperability among digital tools jeopardizes analytic capacity and the sheer volume of data makes it literally impossible to separate essential information from the nonessential ones.

So the big question is: How can you save your precious time often wasted on manually performing repetitive processes and improve productivity while mitigating risk factors?

Recognized as one of the most promising startups worldwide with numerous awards, Beawre’s solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously identify and anticipate risks related to these processes in realt-time and thus reduce budget overruns and delays.

Beawre collects evidence from your activity by reading e-mails, monitoring events in your repositories, or connecting to the digital tools you use to give you complete control over your data sets and business processes.

Thanks to Beawre, technical managers, doc controllers, consent managers, contract managers, project planners, and project directors can now better anticipate workloads and unwanted incidents and prioritize work based on the level of risk.

This gives people like Patrick better negotiation capacity with subcontractors and clients while Javi and Sharon get a much better understanding of how changes in the project schedule can affect other assets, helping them save up to millions in the process.

Through unique machine learning algorithms, Beawre gives you actionable insights that helps you predict everything from workflow: delays, number of iterations in those processes, and the overall execution time of the process much better.

In fact, Beawre’s solution is completely non-intrusive, which means that it does not force you to change your digital tools and processes, and you only get actionable information without being overwhelmed with irrelevant data that often keep you on edge.

Capable of operating on both cloud and on-premise, Beawre Risk Control is the only AI-driven solution on the planet that connects to your existing infrastructure to collect evidence and understand how business processes evolve explicitly, detecting situations that would remain undetected by humans and amplifying existing data to speed up and consolidate digital transformation.

If you want to know more information about Beawre's solution don't miss our presentation at DCW's Tech Talk.



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