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Control your Construction or Engineering Documentation and Avoid Risks

Documentation management faces complex challenges for risk to be controlled effectively, specially in large projects

Efficient construction project design and execution depends on many different aspects including conforming to strict regulations and coordination of different stakeholders, tight budgets and strict deadlines. In particular, management of construction documents is an unavoidable and complex part of any project. Poor documentation control can lead to costly mistakes in execution. For example, a change in the project schedule may impact important deadlines, subcontractors may be late or they may not deliver expected quality, or clients may take longer than expected to review and approve documents.

All these aspects make it challenging to control the risks associated with documentation management. This is generally aggravated by the widespread use of spreadsheets that require manual management and generate processes that are prone to human error. Beawre Document Risk Control provides a smart solution to help you control risks related to documentation control.



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